Leaving our “stick house”

On June 17, 2017, we set out on our latest adventure.  We made the first step in 2012 when Roger retired from Air Products and Tonya left Air Products to work for PROS.  This allowed us to live in Colorado in Roger’s hometown of Grand Junction.  Two years in a row we traveled extensively in an RV.  The first year, in 2016, we were on the road five months and LOVED it.  The second year (early 2017) we were on the road 4 months and LOVED it again! So, why not full time?!

We will be residents of South Dakota and will travel all over the US. We have a 45 ft. Newmar Dutch Star (4369 for those that track model #’s).  The 45ft allows us to bring everything we “need” and the comforts that make it home. We’re traveling with our two dogs, Ringo and Maverick.  Ringo is 12 and Maverick is 6.  Ringo struggles some to get in and out of the coach, so we have to always be cautious of that and help him when required.

To go full time, we committed to a 5 x 10 storage unit that is temperature controlled.  Now, MOST people we talk to said “don’t do it, just get rid of everything”.  We will probably regret it, but for now, we’ve kept some stuff.  However, 90% of our stuff has been sold, donated or given away to friends and family.  At first it was hard, then it became easier as long as we focused on the future.

We put our house on the market and it sold in 8 days.  Now, this is great news.  However, that meant we closed at the end of June and guess what weekend follows?  Yep, it’s going to 4th of July and we have nowhere to park!  Normally, if you don’t have reservations at a campground, you just stay home….well… no home for us!

We’re very fortunate to have family in Gypsum, CO, that have room for us to park. So, for now, we are in Gypsum for a week and then we’ll figure it out!  We’ll head to South Dakota to get our driver’s licenses and then we’re bound for Florida to help with some family stuff.

After Florida….. we’ll drive generally toward the northeast.  But, no set plans or schedule.  Tonya still works, so we need to stay close to an airport and connectivity, so no Alaska or remote areas.

More later….

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