Gypsum, dust and olive oil…..

20170702_052904We pulled out two weeks ago to be “full time”.  These weeks didn’t really feel any different because we were in Gypsum at Roger’s Sister and Brother-in-Law’s house.  Ya’ll know them, Pat and Gary!  On July 1st, we drove to Evergreen to attend Jed and Libby’s annual 4th of July party!  Given our house sold so quickly (8 days) and we hit the road just before 4th of July, we had no reservations for a proper campground.  Jed and Libby offered their road for parking, but we were a bit worried about getting there through the small town of Evergreen.  So, guess what?  We got to stay at Walmart!  I’ve always wanted to stay at Walmart when we’re passing through an area, but Roger is not a fan.  As it turns out, the Walmart in Evergreen is quite popular with the people needing a place to “camp”.  We’re tucked in to the corner, parallel parked, and can even open all of the slides. There are ~15 RV’s, campers, vans, trailers – all kinds parked here!

We did have some surprises going the very short distance from Gypsum to Evergreen :(. And not the good kind!  You see, it’s been windy in Gypsum over the past two weeks, so as we turned on the AC, we were blasted with fine dust from all of the crap in the vents.  Not fun :(.  As we’re discussing how to avoid this in the future, perhaps a grill cover, a loud, breaking glass sound occurs.  Now, you RVer’s know that we all take great care to pack away things that will “move” during travel.  For the non-RVer’s, it’s quite the dance of what do I have secured and what must be rearranged or packed away given the roads and turns.  Well for 2 years we have traveled with a bottle of olive oil on the counter, in a basket at the back of the stove.  One week ago, I even refilled the bottle!  So, the noise, yep, you guessed it….. olive oil glass bottle tipped over, onto the floor and shattered. We had olive oil EVERYWHERE.  So, I get up, start the clean up process and tell Roger he’s going to need to pull over.  You see, we have a slide on the driver’s side and olive oil was running underneath it!  Roger pulled over, and unfortunately, the only place to stop was a slight incline, yep, you know where I’m going….. The coach was leaning to the driver’s side…. and the olive oil is really running now!!!  We managed to clean it all up, on the tile, under the slide, on the rollers for the slide, on the mechanical pieces for the slide, off the bottom of the furniture… ug!  Now, I can tell you the floor is CLEAN!

We had a great time at Jed and Libby’s 4th of July gathering!  It was one of the key stops on our Colorado farewell tour.  Today we leave for Carr, CO.  We have a long time friend that lives there and we’re going to stop over to visit on our way through to Rapid City, SD.  Our friend Karen (and her husband Rick whom we’ll meet for the first time) have a ranch so we’ll just park there for tonight.  Karen is a friend from our Air Products days in the Denver area and she is the one that got Laura into horses when she was ~3 years old.  Karen had a significant influence on our lives with this move and we’re really looking forward to getting caught up!

Then, we’re off to Rapid City, SD.  The more I hear about this area, the more I think we’ll be back and spend a longer period of time.  This trip, we’re just passing through to get our driver’s licenses and then head to Florida to help Mom.

Let’s hope there are no more “surprises” on this leg of the trip.  I think as we cross the Colorado boarder it will really hit us…. we’re full time…. no more house to return to, no more yard to mow, repairs to make.  And, with some planning and patience, we can see this awesome country!

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