Settling In

Well, we officially hit the road June 20, 2017.  Since then, we’ve stayed with family in Gypsum, CO, Walmart in Evergreen, CO and with a friend in far northern Colorado.  We then headed to SD to officially become residents. Then, hauled ass to Florida to help Tonya’s Mom move into her new house and get settled.  Florida in July was less than ideal, but being there to help was perfect.  This lifestyle allows you to be where you want to be or where you need to be!  Florida in July, then we headed to North Carolina (Myrtle Beach/Wilmington area) for a couple of weeks, then off to Raleigh.  We are currently in Sunset Beach, NC and leaving for Raleigh tomorrow.

We’ve had some excitement along the way.  Nothing too bad, but certainly some stuff for us to focus on :).  First up, we seem to have power issues that prevent the A/C from running flawlessly.  You see, the coach has an on-board power source with batteries, then we have “shore power” where you plug into a pedestal at a campground or we can run our generator.  The A/C must have the generator running or shore power.  If anything is wrong with either, the A/C shuts down.  Remember what I said above, we were in Florida in July!  To make the power active there is a transfer switch that transfers power from the shore power to the generator as needed.   When we bought the coach, while still at the dealer, the coach didn’t have A/C power.  They investigated and determined it was a transfer switch.  At which point, someone commented, “those never go out”… hmm…..  They replaced the transfer switch and we were on our way.

Fast forward to Florida, did I say in July?  We’re sitting in the coach one night and the A/C stops and sure enough, error code “E7”.  Well, we know this code!  Roger investigates and it appears to be the transfer switch – again!  He calls a guy that we happened to have used to change the oil in our generator earlier in the month.  The guy is booked the next day, so he comes at 9:30 p.m. to look at it :).  He says, nope, it’s the surge protector.  The surge protector was one we had the RV dealer install because it was the one we’d had on our last coach.  All is well, they bypass the surge protector and we’re up and running.

Roger orders the surge protector, installs it and we’re all set – again.  Now, at this point, we’ve spent $350 on the surge protector.  We leave Tallahassee and head to Sunset Beach, NC (north of Myrtle Beach).  I come back from the beach one day and Roger is outside, all of the bay doors are open (this is never good), it’s 150 degrees (feels like it anyway) and he’s covered in sweat.  He says, the transfer switch is out!  What?!  Yep, he’s tested everything and it’s the switch.  Long story, but he decides to order one and replace it himself.  There’s a thing with RV’s… MOST stuff is covered under warranty, but you have to be in a place where there is either a really good mobile service, or take it to the people.  In this case, we’d have to pack up, drive the 45 mins, wait while they repair, then go back and set up “camp” again.  Remember, we have dogs :).  Roger doing it himself was just easier, but then we bear the expense.  Transfer switch = $130.  But, hey, it’s free labor!

Transfer switch arrives, Roger replaces it, we’re all good.  Then, guess what?  The power went out again!  This time, he gets on with the surge protector people and in a passing comment Roger says the hose reel is clacking when it retracts.  The hose reel is an electric reel to release and roll back in the electrical cord.  Because it rotates, it has contact points around the reel.  The surge protector guy says, “you have a bad reel”.  Really?  Roger looks up the hose reel manufacturer and guess where they are located?  Conway, SC, and that’s about 35 minutes from us!  Roger takes the reel off, takes it to them, they repair it and he re installs it.  We think it’s been the hose reel from the beginning!  But now, we have an extra transfer switch if it ever really does go out!

So, my question is…. what do people do without a Roger?!  Seriously, he keeps the coach in tip top shape and is so good with repairs it’s amazing!

What else has been happening???  The dogs are settled in just fine, we’re also settled in very well.  We brought all of our extra shampoo, conditional, soap, napkins, paper towels, etc.  You know, shop at Sams, have extras!  Well, in the coach, that meant every single space was jammed with “stuff”.  I’m happy to report we are depleting our stock and goodness we have a lot of room for storage!  But, remember, we’ve downsized, so it will stay open and roomy!

We are LOVING the lifestyle.  Tonya is flying out of whatever airport we’re near and Roger holds down the home front.  We act like tourists on the weekends!  And, we have a new found love of an appliance!  It’s the Instant Pot.  It’s the new and improved version of a pressure cooker.  It sautes, it’s a steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker. It also make yogurt, but I’m not doing that.  I’ll just buy yogurt :).  We’ve made several recipes and love it!  More on that in a later blog…

We leave Sunset Beach, NC tomorrow and head to Raleigh.  We’re very excited to see Laura, Chad and the kids.  Then, we go to Fleetwood to see Scott and Nancy and then onto a campground in Kutztown. We are REALLY looking forward to seeing our friends and getting caught up!  It’s Sally and Tammy’s birthday, so I see at least one birthday party in the near future!

Then, we have no idea where we heading next :)…. .stay tuned….

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