Engagements, Thanksgiving and on the move….


It’s been a very eventful week for us!  Laura and Chad went on a cruise and got engaged and they are so happy!  We are thrilled to welcome Chad to the family and can’t wait for all of the excitement of wedding planning!  Then, we had Thanksgiving and they hosted. It’s always good to be together and fill up on HUGS!  And, one of the benefits of being full time is the ability to visit and have your home with you.  We love that we can sleep in our own beds, yet visit with friends and family along the way.

Pure joy and love:


For those on the road and not close to family or friends for gathering at the holidays, most campgrounds have dinners for their guests.  I think this is a really nice thing and interesting to me that people really do want to spend time together at the holidays.  The resort we’re at now did have a dinner today, but we were with Laura and Chad. When we returned around 6, the festivities were still going on after starting at 4.  There’s something very heartwarming about watching “strangers” come together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Many of you have asked us to share more details on expenses associated with this lifestyle.  The highlights…. We’ve spent between $2.40-$2.60/gallon for diesel and we get ~8 miles to the gallon.  We’ve spent $36-$65/night for campgrounds and this has ranged from the monthly rate ($35/night) to the nightly rate when we only stay one night or the resort doesn’t offer weekly/monthly rates (i.e. Anchor Down RV resort in Dandridge, TN). And, the quality of our accommodations has ranged greatly as well!  We’ve been in some locations that are rough with many run down campers and mud all around us and then some that were better than any 5 star hotel.  We’re learning, with the dogs, we really do prefer sites with concrete pads.  We’ve just ordered and received the Big Rig book and play to make good use of that to find our locations.

Anchor Down in Dandridge, TN (outside of Pigeon Forge, TN):


Our upcoming stops include Savannah for a week and then onto Florida for just over 5 weeks.  In Florida, we’re at a place outside of Tallahassee on the coast called Coastline RV Resort. Everything we’ve read says it’s fantastic and it will be close to Tonya’s family to celebrate the holidays.

After Coastline, we’re heading to the Tampa RV Show and can’t wait!  We’ve wanted to do this for years and hope it doesn’t disappoint.  After Tampa, we head west to Lake Havasu.  Of course, many stops on the way!

If you see us out and about or see we’re in your area, let us know and we’d love to get together!



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