The night we met the neighbors….

Well, things have been going well at Coastline and Eastpoint.  Last weekend on Sunday, Roger and I went into Apalachicola for oysters and seafood at “up the creek raw bar” and it was awesome. 

We’ve been back and forth to Tallahassee (about 1.5 hours away) to see the family and to attend Danielle’s band concert.  And, we were really enjoying being by the water.

The plan “was” to have Deana arrive Friday 12/15, then we’d spend the day in Apalachicola on Saturday and then back to Mom’s on Sunday for gingerbread houses and pictures with Santa at Tractor Supply. 

Well…. on Thursday evening (12/14), the neighbors we’d just met earlier when putting out our Christmas decorations knocked on the door. They explained that a dog had been hit and asked if could we help. They wanted blankets and water.  We had towels on the front chair that she took (Sandi).  And, I was in charge of water.   I took the boys water bowl and filled it.  Slipped on my flip flops, still in my pajamas (short dress type that would easily reveal stuff if I’m not careful).  There is a ditch between us and the road. I know it’s there, I know it’s deep.  But, in a rush to get to the dog, I went down the ditch vs. around 🙁. 

Yep, you guessed it…. I twisted my ankle and heard many things ‘breaking’.  After the dog died, the attention shifted to me and I told them I couldn’t get up.  You see, I’d tried and my foot turned nearly completely backwards!  We quickly decided I needed an ambulance.  So, around 10:30, I was on my way…. Morphine and bandaged up, we went to Tally.  The EMT had phoned the ER in Apalachicola and said he was pretty sure we had an “ortho issue” so they recommended straight to Tally.  

At 2:30 a.m. we left with a diagnosis of broken tibia, fibula and ankle.  Yep, the trifecta.  The doc at the ER explained that if it was just the tib and fib they may not do surgery. BUT, the ankle break would mean definite surgery.   

Friday, 12/15, we went to Tallahassee Ortho and sure enough…. all broken, quite complex and surgery on Monday.  

The worst part, I have 3 months of recovery! UG! 

My lesson learned, is that I’m not young anymore AND I need to be far more careful! 

 The pictures are of a normal ankle and then my ankle.  The bones are supposed to be close together, but given that I tore the ligaments with the break, the ligaments are pulling the bones apart.  



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