Perspective and Love

As you know, we’re in Florida for Christmas. We’re staying near my Mom and Brother and his family.  We’re at the coast and they are in Tallahassee about 1.5 hours away.  The idea was to stay at the coast so I could get my beach fix. Well, with my injury, I can only stay inside and look at the water :(.

We had a good Christmas at Mom’s. I got a knee scooter so it makes it slightly easier to move around.  We had a full house with Mom, Roger and me, Clete and his family and of course all of the animals in the family.  This means 6 dogs, 2 cats, 1 squirrel and 1 rabbit.  In fairness, the rabbit stays outside!  It was great to visit and play the “plastic wrap game”…. LOL.

We don’t do much right now with me being handicapped. I had my follow-up appointment on 12/27 and got my permanent cast! Woo hoo! It’s the little things! They said it’s healing nicely and as expected. I have this cast for 6 weeks, go back 1/30 for the walking boot. When I get the boot, I’ll be able to progressively put more weight on it over the 6 weeks I’m in the boot. Best I can tell, I’ll be out of casts and boots by mid March. They doctor said I can have swelling up to 1.5 years after the injury  – that’s crazy!

Roger is a saint.  He takes really great care of me and is always there to see what I need.  I have a whole new appreciation for people that have broken bones, surgery, crutches, permanent disabilities or just general reliance on someone else for EVERYTHING!  I truly don’t know how people do this without someone to be there constantly tending to them and loving them through the emotional impact this has!  I read an article written by a woman that was in a cast for 6 weeks and walking boot for 6 weeks.  Very similar situation to mine.  She went through the challenges and offered advice. The good news is that all of my emotions are normal.  The bad news…. it’s still hard.

We did decide to keep our plans and go to the Tampa RV Show mid January.  I’ve rented an electric scooter and we hope to be in the handicapped parking section (I now have a temporary handicap sticker).  Then, I think we’ll take our time to wind our way back to Tally. I have the follow up appt on Jan 30 with the same people here. I like being with them through the critical ‘boot’ appointment. Then, we had to Lake Havasu! YEA!

A life lesson…. I’m now a huge advocate for handicapped people! Why, I ask strongly, do people insist on using the handicap stall when they are not handicap?  In the past, I’ve been guilty of this – but I will not do it anymore! I can’t tell you how many times I go into a restroom and there are multiple stalls. All are empty EXCEPT the handicap one and then someone comes out that has no issues!  UG!  Meanwhile, I’m waiting on crutches because I literally can’t stand up and down without the rail to help!

Then, of course I’ve learned that stairs are indeed the devil!  I literally start sweating when I see them.  Not to mention doors without handicap automatic opening.  We tried a movie yesterday and it was an older theater.  Miserable…. no auto opening doors, very small ramp to get up the curb, handicapped parking around the side (farther away).  The bright side, and it’s huge, is that people are very helpful and accommodating.  It seems everyone knows how painful and hard it is to use crutches!  I’ve learned after yesterday to ALWAYS take the scooter and not think “it’s a short distance, so I’ll just use the crutches” — NO!

We will continue to nest here in the coach and slowly heal.  We’ll attempt the RV Show with my scooter.  I have a plan to have Roger and I connected via Skype and he can go into RV’s and I can watch the video.  We just like to look at them to see what’s coming out with the new rigs.  We will mostly be focused on the experience of the show itself and the vendors.

Please say a prayer for Roger as he cooks, cleans, does laundry, walks the dogs, gets me drinks, food, and anything else I need!

Thank you for all of your phone calls, emails, texts, gifts and general support – it is tremendously helpful for the emotional toll this takes :).

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