Healed, Loved and Looking Forward

There’s so much to write about since my last post at the end of December!  I’ll try to go in chronological order so it makes more sense now and in the future when I read these :).

My ankle continued to heal through January while we were in Florida.  We did go to the Tampa RV Show and we purchased a small golf cart that I could use to get around.  Between that and my knee scooter it was difficult but doable!  We also got to see the manatees at the Tampa Power Plan – OMG!  It’s been on my list of years and we finally did it!  After the Tampa RV show, we said bye to the family in Florida and headed west.  Normally, we would stop on the way, but with me being in a cast, we decided to drive straight through.

We arrived in Lake Havasu the first week of February.  Unlike last year, the weather this year was VERY GOOD in February.   I continued to heal with the walking boot.  I discovered that swimming and just treading water were very good therapy for my ankle, so I joined the local aquatic center to do this 3-5 times a week.  We didn’t do too much in February except enjoy the area with friends.

In March, I was out of the walking boot and beginning therapy with no specific support on the ankle. It was slow but good. More swimming, some walking, some biking a lot of stretches.

Next event… At the end of March I retired from PROS.  It was 6 years to the day since I’d joined the PROS team.  I traveled to Houston for a party and some final meetings. Simply put, it was amazing!  I was very fortunate to be able to leave at the height of my career and feeling very loved by everyone.  My Mom and Laura came to join in the festivities in Houston so that was great to have them meet everyone. The team threw some great parties and gatherings and some of the presents were amazing… a video of memories, t-shirts about hugs, cards that I had to put away and stop reading (too many tears), hugs like never before, rice krispie treats, camaraderie, karaoke, kindness, toasts to future visits and a whole lot of LOVE!  I really cannot even begin to express how much this week meant to me!  I had a phenomenal team and our bond is strong!

The Pre-Sales Engineering Team — gotta love the HUGe reference! And, I got the title #hugdealer


Official retirement party and karaoke!


Then, retirement in Lake Havasu…. Roger is teaching me that you don’t have to do everything in one day!  Mom came for a week in Havasu and we rented a boat and spent a night in Vegas where we saw J Lo in concert!  Libby and Jed came to visit and we all rented a boat for a day!  The weirdest thing is adjusting to the feeling that I have time and I don’t have to be done today in preparation for work tomorrow! It’s May 1st and I still keep thinking I’ll need to be “ready” to go to work!  But no worries, I’m sure I’ll master it soon LOL!  We also got to see our friends Dave and Karen in LHC this year and can’t wait until we are all here together next year. Then, of course, we spent time with Bob and Cheryl and Pat and Colin.  BJ’s, Oatman, the lake, boating and of course great restaurants and happy hour!

We’ve enjoyed our kayaks (finally) in Lake Havasu! We purchased them in August in Raleigh and thought we’d use them in Florida. Nope, I got injured!  So, finally we’re on the water and it’s amazing.  We have the kind that you can peddle and/or paddle.  Our favorite is kayaking for a snack/meal and then back!

Next, we leave for Yuma and Tucson. It will be hot, but we couldn’t make it any earlier, so we’ll have to suffer through.  In Tucson we’re having the annual maintenance done on the coach and have decided to rent a vrbo for the week.  After Tucson, we head to Colorado Springs area to see some of the DeWeese family!  We’re gathering with Aunt Audrey and her family to see everyone over the Memorial Day holiday and can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

Then, we’re off to Denver for a couple of days and then to Gypsum to stay with Pat and Gary.  We’ll stay there until sometime in July and then head up to Idaho and Montana where we hope to see more friends and then to the Great Lakes.  We always love our time with Pat and Gary in Gypsum and hopefully can even do some jeeping!  When we travel to the Great Lakes, Cleveland is our target, so we can see Laura and Chad, but we’ll definitely see the region.  We’ve only been to western PA for the Great Lakes, so we’re excited!

Other news…. I’m going to write a book! Yep, finally going to tell the story of Papa and his life and then our lives.  It’s the kind of stuff you just can’t make up, so I need to tell the story to keep it for generations now and later.  To research for the book, I’m using Ancestry.com and wow!  Fascinating details! I’ll write more about that later!  I’m excited that I’ve been able to put together details and facts and we’ve told stories about for years!

While we enjoy our last week here in Havasu, we’ll be sad to leave our friends here, but are excited about our next adventure!  I’ll continue to check in on Facebook (and Instagram when I remember) so if you see us near you, let us know and we can connect for a visit!


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