Leaving Colorado… again…

We’ve spent the past month in Colorado. We were in the Front Range with Aunt Audrey and her family and then up the mountains to spend time with Pat and Gary and their family and then in Grand Junction for a few days.

Colorado will always hold a special place for us. It’s where I became a “real adult” and where I met Roger, got married, where Laura was born, and where we continue to feel very connected to the area! This trip through marked our 1-year anniversary on the road. And, although we enjoyed the visit, we’re ready for the next adventure!

During our visit, I spent considerable time on genealogy and finding information on Roger’s family. He had some family members that have already documented a great deal, so our time was spent copying it and making sure we could add to our story.

For our next adventure, we’ll stop in Salt Lake City for a few days and then begin to head north. We’ve been in SLC before, but I’ve discovered there’s more to see that we haven’t experienced before. I’ve been using Ancestry.com to research my family and they have a great deal of information from the Mormon Church. I’ve learned this week that there is a Family Research Center in SLC at the Mormon Center that I can use. I may not find anything new, but will enjoy the experience! We’ll see Brad, Tara, Isaac, and Avery while we’re in town and then our next stop is Idaho!

Our Idaho adventure begins in Twin Falls with a few days at Anderson Camp RV Resort. Then, we go east to Mountain River Ranch in Ririe, ID. Ririe is outside of Idaho Falls and we plan to go to Yellowstone Bear World. And, I get to feed the bear cubs with a bottle!!! After the Idaho Falls area, it’s back west to the Boise Area. Then, we head north for our 2.5 weeks just north of Coeur d’Alene. We’ve been looking forward to Idaho for 6 months, so cannot wait to get this party started!

This week we did have to make changes to our travel plans. But, it was for a good reason! We had planned to be in Cleveland Sept 1-15. However, Laura got a new job and will be in the bay area of California for training until mid-October. So, we canceled Cleveland and will figure out what and where to go after Idaho and Montana. We’re thinking Washington and Oregon and then into the bay area to see Laura for a bit. I’m trying to learn to be spontaneous ☺. Roger is way more relaxed about changes. I worry about things like Labor Day weekend!

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