Working our way to new areas….

We left Gypsum after staying at Pat and Gary’s for 3+ weeks and headed west. Pat and Gary are awesome hosts and we loved spending time with them! Thank you again P&G! We then stayed a few nights in Grand Junction where we spent time with Roger’s Dad, Quinton, his nephew Kevin, and Kevin’s children, Kalob and Karoline. We had a great time there! Tonya, Karoline and Kalob went to the movie while Roger made minor repairs on the coach (we had a window shade that needed some work ☺).

Next, we moved to Salt Lake City to a campground just north of the city. We specifically waited to see Jurassic World until we got to SLC because we wanted to see it at IMAX and it did not disappoint! What a theater and what a movie! This specific theater held 635 people! And…. We were the only ones there!

I also got to spend time at the Family Research Center owned by the Mormon Church and wow was that amazing! I’ve been doing some genealogy on both my side and Roger’s side. It’s fascinating and I love discovering the stories of the past! I won’t bore you with those now, because I’m going to organize the stories! At the Family Research Center they have people available as volunteers to teach you how to research and how to use their system. It’s amazingly powerful and I’d recommend it to everyone! It’s the website called: Many people think the Mormon Church owns, but based on what I learned from my tutor and my own research, is publicly owned. There is no financial or business relationship between the two. They do both receive many of the same “feeds” of information and I see in my work from Ancestry that many times the Mormon Church is the source of their information.

The biggest challenge is learning to use the Mormon owned system properly so that you don’t confuse yourself or others that are tracing family lineage. I was amazed at the database AND the knowledge of my volunteer. Who, by the way, was in his 70’s and was talking opening and closing tabs and browsers, single clicks, right clicks, double clicks, cookies and more! He was awesome and I will always remember the 2 hours he spent with me!

I love being at the Temple Square in SLC. It’s so beautiful, the people are amazingly helpful and nice and you really do feel the sense of calmness all around you. I was able to hear the pipe organ in the Tabernacle for 6 songs over a 30-minute period and again, no word other than amazing can describe the sound and the feeling!

We then spent 4th of July with Roger’s (and mine) nephew, Brad, his awesome wife Tara and his amazing two kids Isaac and Avery. They live in an elevated area outside of the city and we could see fireworks across SLC going off all night. It was amazing and something we’d never experienced. We left around 9:30 before everyone was finished with their fireworks and as we were driving home it felt like we were in a video game with fireworks going off all around us the entire 45 minute drive back “home”.

Then, today we drove north to Twin Falls, Idaho. I thought there would be more mountains here, but it’s rolling hills. It’s beautiful, just not what we expected. I guess there are way more mountains once we get further north. Tomorrow we go to Shoshone Falls and the Perrine Bridge ☺. We’ll spend one month in Idaho and I’m finding that even though we’re here for a month, we’ll have to make some choices because there is no way to see it all this trip!

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