New Places and Old Faces

Nashville baby! It’s been on Tonya’s list for years and it did not disappoint! The first week was spent with just the two of us doing the touristy stuff. We rode the hop-on-hop-off bus and were able to have a great lunch downtown and walk around to take in the sounds. And if you’ve been to Nashville, you know what I mean! There is music at every place on Broadway Street and throughout the city! If the establishment is multi-level, there’s generally music on every level of the place. And, it’s good music! We heard country, bluegrass and some southern rock :).

We did manage to spend a day at the Opryland Hotel and OMG! Amazing is an understatement. With a boat tour, 19 places to eat!, 2 HUGE atriums, and incredible plants, we certainly got in our exercise for the day!

Our campground was just outside of town about 20 minutes and it was super easy to go in and out of town. While we were there, Tonya’s friend Dana came to town (from Colorado) with some friends and it was awesome that her and Tonya could connect. And, this gave Roger a reprieve from going out on a Friday night to the honky-tonks on Broadway.. lol. Tonya and Dana took in the sights with a great local and were able to see Broadway and a drag show!

For the second week Tonya’s Mom, Linda, came to visit for a few days. The purpose of the visit was to go see Charlie Pride at the Grand Ole Opry and it was awesome. It was Tonya and Linda’s first time at the Opry! We toured downtown and saw the sights, then went to the Opry in the evening. As usual, we ran out of time to do everything on our “list”. But, we plan to come back!

After Nashville, we went just 1.5 hours south to Hunstville, AL to the US Space and Rocket Center. What a place! Roger was in heaven, Tonya was in heaven that Roger was in heaven :).

Then, it was another 2 hours south to Birmingham to see Ashley, Kyle and Loralei. AND, Steve and Lora planned a visit while we were there. It was amazing to see everyone and get caught up. Lora was celebrating her 30 years with Air Products and invited us to Top Golf. We had a blast AND we could walk the next day. Then, for Halloween we took Loralei to the pumpkin patch (we actually took us there with her in the stroller sleeping). She did wake up long enough for some great photographs. We had some fantastic BBQ, quality baby time and mostly thoroughly enjoyed the time just visiting!!!

Then, down to Gulf Shores. Our place in Gulf Shores in Terry Cove Motorcoach Resort. It’s a place where owners have spaces and then we rent from the owners. We have a gazebo and a little shed/casita. There’s nothing in the casita except a sink and bathroom, but it’s good for storage. The gazebo is nice, but it was quite funny because Tonya wanted to wash the screens. The gazebo is all screened in, but it’s clearly been a while since they were washed. As we’re washing them, Roger reminded me why we don’t have a house :).

Gulf Shores is beautiful! We were only there a few days and Tonya went to Houston for Mary’s baby shower. So, our exploring was a bit limited. Then, we had to leave unexpectedly to head to Colorado for Roger’s Dad. We chose to drive the car, bring Maverick and leave the coach. We can make far better time this way and we’ll stay with Pat and Gary. As I type this, we’re in a hotel waiting to pick Laura up tomorrow morning and then head to see Roger’s Dad (who I also call Dad, so it’s weird to call him Roger’s Dad). I’ll write more about him in another blog :).

Much love to all!
Tonya, Roger and Maverick

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