Blessed in Colorado

The last blog I published was about Quinton, Roger’s Dad. We did indeed make the trip to Colorado for his final days and were very comforted in the fact that we had some quality time with him before he passed.

We were extremely blessed with the caregivers he had in his final days and the Veterans Hospital in Grand Junction, CO was amazing! Their level of care, concern and watchfulness for the patient and the family was very comforting during a difficult time.

Laura was also able to come from Cleveland and see him and they spent some tender moments together. Another memorable experience was when we took our Yellow Labrador Maverick in to see Dad. His first reaction was “well hello old friend”. This was amazing given he didn’t know anyone the day before! We know that he knew Maverick and they had a great visit IN his hospital bed 🙂


We worked with the local mortuary to have a full military honor funeral at the Veteran’s Cemetery and it was amazing. The local veterans come out as volunteers to provide a flag honor guard and services. Also, Roger’s Mom, Evelyn, had passed in 1970 and we were able to recover her ashes and have them buried together. It was a remarkable event for a wonderful man but under sad circumstances.

The trip to Colorado in the Grand Cherokee reminded us how much we like to travel in our coach! We took the Jeep because it was faster and we could worry less about snow and bad weather. Maverick traveled fine and got his first experience in hotels. He did very well and was clearly fascinated with the elevators. I’m not sure if it was the elevator that fascinated him or he just enjoyed all of the attention he would receive from the other guests.

It was a trip with highs and lows, but one that we’re so thankful to have been able to make and pay our respects. Rest in Peace Dad, your 95 years were great!

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