Christmas (I’m getting caught up)

We had plans to be with Laura and Chad in Cleveland for Thanksgiving, but given our trip to Colorado for Roger’s Dad we were in no condition to travel so quickly. So, we changed and went for Christmas and it was magical!


They moved to Cleveland last year and despite our numerous attempts to get there sooner, we had not been there yet. Well, we certainly made up for it! Chad’s children, Bella and Logan were able to visit for the holidays so we had a house full and an absolute blast. Laura and Chad have an incredible apartment in downtown Cleveland so everything is convenient and within walking distance.

What a beautiful city! I had no idea it was so pretty and great! And, with the Christmas lights up it was even more special. The city is fairly compact and there is so much to do. We went to the Arcade (the wedding venue for their upcoming nuptials), and a wedding was in progress so we could see the set up first hand. That was so cool. We also visited Heinen’s, the best grocery store on the planet as far as I’m concerned :). Imagine a grocery store inside of a museum and that’s the feeling you get at this place! The weather cooperated so we could walk down along the waterfront and around town to see Town Center and Playhouse Square. Did you know that Cleveland’s Playhouse Square is the largest performing arts center in the United States outside of New York? Amazing! And, it’s breathtakingly pretty!

Oh, and they took us to a Cav’s game and we almost went to a Brown’s game! LOL The Brown’s game was fun because we went to hang out and watch people before the game, but didn’t have tickets. It’s all good though, because then we walked home and watched it in the comfort of the house! Then, that night, a Cav’s game! We got to experience the entire city in a matter of days. But, no worries, we didn’t go into to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or other attractions, so there’s plenty still to experience!

We also did some wedding prep with a food tasting! It’s going to be amazing!


Mostly, it was just extra special being with all of them on the holidays! And, as an bonus, Bella and Logan loved my games, so that made my day! And, Chad and Laura were perfect hosts. It’s a great feeling when you’re children are grown, self sufficient and they are good people!

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