Memories of Awesome People!

Sometimes people just pop into your head and you have the most vivid memories! When this happens, I always wish I could reach out and tell each person that I remembered them and our experience!

Today, I was in Walmart and I saw a woman that reminded me of Pat Holenda. Pat was one of our IT people at Air Products and she had a habit of tapping the keys on her keyboard while she was thinking. When I was in Walmart waiting at Customer Service the lady was doing the same thing and I was immediately transported back to her running queries for our SPOC implementation! It’s funny that it was something so innocent and insignificant at the time, yet now, I immediately remembered her when I heard the noise. I love that!

We are in the Pacific NW spending time between Newport, OR and Anacortes, WA. While en route, we stayed overnight at a Walmart. We normally have a reservation at a Campground, but we had decided to leave Newport early and couldn’t find a reservation on a Friday in June. So, Walmart it was! As we went to sleep with a few campers and truckers around us we talked about our route for Saturday and as usual, everything was uneventful. When we woke up this morning, a Nitrogen transport tanker was parked next to us! It was an old Air Products tanker (you could tell because of the paint job), now owned by LGT Transport. I wanted to go knock on the window and say “HEY’… but no worries, I didn’t!

It’s been a constant flood of Air Products memories up here. As we’re driving, we’ve passed Eugene, Portland, and Puyallup. All of our old haunts. We reminisced about Jack Gilman taking Roger on a fishing trip when he was in Customer Stations out of Denver. I remember buying a paperweight from the shop next to our Portland location and I still have it today! It is blown glass and I thought it was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. And, I was 20 years old thinking this was a good souvenir that I could afford! LOL So many memories from this area… my first visit to a high end department store occurred here in Portland. That experience is worth sharing!

I went to Nordstrom’s (remember, I’m 20 ish), and discovered they give you a personal shopper! What?! Well, that must cost money, so nope, I’m good. It wasn’t until years later Iearned that the personal shopper was free. So, while solo shopping and nearly passing out at the prices, I decide to try on a few things. I go the fitting rooms and there is a telephone and chair in the room… again… what?! The phone has options to dial the café, the desk for assistance with sizes, etc. or make local calls. I see a menu for the café, with cookies, coffee, etc. I must have this experience, so yes, I dial the café and order a water and a cookie. There are no prices on the menu, and I don’t dare want to ask the price, so I decide $5.00 is plenty! The woman arrives with my snack and I had her $5.00. Well, she says “thank you very much” and smiles really big! Yep, I just tipped her $5.00… the items were free. Oh to be young and naïve again!

I had a some really good mentors and teachers when I worked out here. We lived in Denver and I commuted to California, Washington and Oregon frequently. One of my mentors was our HR Rep. She was a strong and successful woman and someone that I definitely learned a lot from. I did manage to find her and attempted to connect during this trip, but didn’t hear back from her :(.

As we drove north, the trees are big, the sky is blue, the air is crisp and we are excited to see a new area. Our friends Pat and Colin from Montana are joining us and it will be fun to see a new area with friends.

Stay safe y’all… tires down!

One thought on “Memories of Awesome People!

  1. You are so amazing, and so thoughtful and grateful for everything you have. I’m one lucky Mother to have you in my life. All my love Mom


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