2020 – Highs and Lows Beyond the Pandemic

Wow… the last time I wrote in the blog was October 2019.  I haven’t felt much like writing the blog.  No particular reason, just life and being preoccupied and just not feeling like “writing”.  Now, I need to write. I need to express emotions that are so strong I just can’t contain them!

First, let me catch everyone up on our last year(ish).  We went to Florida in November 2019 and stayed in Tallahassee for a bit.  It was a great visit and mostly uneventful. We then headed to central Florida.  Our plan was to look for an RV lot that we could purchase and always have available for our winters.  Making Florida our winter home would allow us to be close to Tonya’s Mom and Brother and his family in Tallahassee and allow us to enjoy a warm climate while not having to hassle with finding a place for winter every year. In the RV life, it is getting harder and harder to find places to stay… and this was before the explosion of interest in RV’s and trailers with the pandemic!  Well, we landed in a small community called Clermont and began looking. We soon found ourselves in Polk City looking at a lot in an RV residential community.

We ended up buying a .25 acre lot that has a casita. It’s a small house, about 500 sq ft with a full bath. We have a great patio and a stunning view overlooking a pond. The pond has exciting Florida wildlife (gators, turtles, birds, etc.)  We love it there! We park the coach in front and use the coach for sleeping and cooking. We use the casita and the patio for hanging out, crafts and hosting overnight guests.

After getting settled in our place in January, my Mom, Linda had what should have been a mostly routine surgery.  She’d had neck and shoulder pain for over a year and after many many attempts at pain management it was decided spinal fusion was in order. The surgeon has done this many times and she should be in and out. I went up for the surgery and things seemed to go well.  It’s a much longer story that I won’t write a lot about, but we believe Mom was not healthy enough for the surgery. This led to me staying in Tallahassee for weeks and making trips back and forth as needed.  She had to go to rehab to relearn some of her life skills and it was a long road. We had the fantastic support of her friends in the area and her sister-in-law to help us through. Shout out to all of the local friends and Aunt Dee! The great news is that Mom is now healthy and back home!!!!  It was a process with a lot of love, stress, crying and in the end the reward of Mom being healthy and back home! She worked very hard and we are very proud of her for being “back”!

In the middle of Mom’s surgery and healing, Laura and Chad came to visit and told us they were pregnant!!! YES!!!!  I kind of knew because Laura was acting a bit different and some things she’d said to me on the phone when we would talk (daily) had me suspicious.  We were obviously over the moon excited! Due date was mid-September 2020. 

Fast forward a bit….. in week ~18 of Laura’s pregnancy she went for her fetal scan and the Dr. determined “Blueberry” had bi-lateral clubfoot. The diagnosis was especially scary because we didn’t think there was any history in either family which meant it is genetic. When it’s genetic, there is a higher risk that there are potentially other issues beyond the clubfeet.  If you want to read all of the details of the diagnosis and how they processed information, please check out Laura’s blog at:  https://loveofblueberry.com.  She’s an amazing writer and does a really great job explaining everything.

Because there were other risks, Roger and I decided to come be with our baby in Ohio and wait the arrival of our blessing.  In this period of time, we also found out “Blueberry” was a boy!!! Eventually Laura and Chad decided on his name…. Enzo.  And, it fits him perfectly!  

Laura’s pregnancy was very pleasant and uneventful. We focused on watching her grow and saying many prayers that Enzo would be healthy.  Clubfoot is treatable and so began the process to better understand it and how everything would unfold.

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